Suriname: Redemption in euros kills residents Helena Christina and Altona Village

Residents of Helena Christina and Altona Village 1 & 2 are fed up with the situation in their project. The residents have to pay off their homes monthly in euros, which has become too much for them. They want a solution for this. In conversation with Suriname Herald, they indicate that it has become too much for them now that the SRD has been devalued. They also complain that they have to buy water every week.

“We can’t handle it anymore because the project is not connected to the network of the SWM. The owner of the houses, Sarwankoemar Poenai, fooled us. There is a mortgage on the plots and there is nothing we can do. We did not receive a plot map when purchasing the houses, ”she complains.

“We have been living on the project for two years and in all these years we have had to buy water. This will cost us too much. Paying for the water costs SRD 1,000 per month and per month we spend SRD 8,500 on repayment for the houses. They are not public houses as promoted by the government, but owner-occupied houses. We do not earn this money ”, the concerned residents indicate.

According to the residents, they have only lived in the houses for two years, but they already have to renovate, because the houses already show cracks. The residents also indicate that they have tried several times to hold talks with the parcel builder, but to no avail.


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