St. Vincent & Grenadines: Why churches but not vans? – VINTAS

The Vincentian Transportation Organisation (VINTAS) is questioning the government’s decision to allow more people to attend churches even as it continues to limit ridership in omnibuses to half of the licensed amount.

“I have no objection to the churches lobbying for more capacity. But here is what I would say. For a non-revenue generating sector to be considered favourably for increase in capacity, I see no reason why a critical sector like the minibuses should not be granted an increase in capacity,” VINTAS president Royron Adams told iWitness News on Monday.

He was speaking as omnibuses, for the second time in as many weeks, withdrew their service over the impact of the government’s COVID-19 protocols on their businesses.

“And we are hoping that they respond favourably. We are asking them to increase to 12, minimum. Ideally, we would like to have 14 but we are asking for a minimum of 12,” Adams said.

Beginning Feb. 27, places of worship in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were allowed to increase the size of indoor gathering to one-third of their usual capacity.


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