Bahamas: “YOU’LL BE GONE BEFORE I’M GONE”: McAlpine warns PM electorate fed up with his governance

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — In a sweeping rebuke of the Minnis administration, the prime minister and the opposition, Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine said the electorate is “disgusted, disgruntled and discouraged” with party politics in The Bahamas and predicted that it is about to change “right before your very eyes”.

“No government should be naïve to believe that they can ignore the people, their wishes, their requests and abandon their promises to its nationals and expect to receive a favorable response,” he said during the mid-year budget debate.

“Nor should an opposition who was scandal-ridden, perceived as corrupt with alleged deal-cutting politicians, while we’re still waiting on a proper excuse about the BAMSI fiasco, and a former deputy leader who hardly said anything or rebuked his former leader for the many governmental political travesties when last in office.

“Let me break it down for you. They said you were too silent for somebody who wants to be prime minister of this country, while you were so close to the top.”

McAlpine said while the prime minister recently announced that he wishes to focus on the poor in his next term in office, there may not be one as the Bahamian people “are saying: next”.


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