Adieu, hyperconsumerism: Why Paris Fashion Week embraced design that lasts

As another socially distanced Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, the sign of a more contemplative and reflective approach toward conscious consumerism is evident.

Designer Mary Ping has been advocating for sustainable fashion for years, and she noticed a clear shift in the language and tone around this year’s shows. “More press releases cite ‘timeless’ and ‘longevity,’” she says. “I hope these attributes are real and not purpose-washing.”

Ping has long been pushing for a more circular economy, and her latest venture—Care Instructions—takes that one step further. She wants the site to function as the “single tab” that gives people everything they need to be informed about sustainable consumption, acting both as a repository of curated content and a directory of vetted resources. I talked with Ping last week for a Wolff Olins event about why she’s such an advocate for timeless design, and how the fashion industry may finally be ready to make some fundamental changes.


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