Suriname: Narcotics squad arrests four suspects in raid

Four suspects, the foreign national JK (46) and the three Surinamese CD (28), CW (30) and CT (31) were arrested by the Narcotics Brigade. After detailed information, investigators from the Narcotics Brigade raided a building in the vicinity of the Toevluchtweg in the night of Monday 1 to Tuesday 2 March.

In the building where the tenant CT lives, the suspects were busy preparing for a drug smuggling. The resident CT was also arrested, as it is suspected that she gave the opportunity to carry out the work in the rented building.

During an investigation conducted in the home, law enforcement officers found and seized cocaine, packaging materials, money and a time of squeezing drugs.

After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, the foursome was placed under lock and key for violation of the Narcotic Drugs Act.


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