Suriname: AZP sitdown action suspended

The sitdown action by the General Association of Personnel employed by the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (ABPLAZ) has been suspended. On Monday, the ABPLAZ held consultations with Minister Amar Ramadhin of Public Health and general director Claudia Redan of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP), whereby concrete agreements have been made on most points.

The board informed the members about this during a general members meeting (GMM). Although the members are not completely satisfied with the outcome of the consultation, they have decided to suspend the sitdown action in the interest of the sick person.

Agreements made:
– Supervisory Board (RvC): the minister is making every effort to have these installed this week. With the exception of the candidates of coalition partners, the candidates of the other stakeholders have been approved.
– Bonus: the director indicates that this has in the meantime been transferred to those who qualify for this. They need to see it on their account at any time.
– Negotiations: progress will take place on Friday, March 12.
– Exemption from the freeze: Minister Ramadhin indicates that his colleague-Minister of Labor has advised him to provide the personnel who have been employed under an employment contract for more than two years with a civil servant status.


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