NY: Anti-Cuomo billboard in Albany takes swipe at governor’s ‘nipple rings’

New billboard messages demanding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s impeachment appeared in Albany on Tuesday — with one mocking the nipple rings that appeared to jut out under his official state shirt last year.

“6 strikes → CUOMO’S OUT — Free the Nipple, Fire the Boob,” one digital slogan says in hot pink and white letters against a black background, according to a mock-up posted on Twitter.

Another says, “I AM ONE MORE WOMAN — Impeach CUOMO,” while a third features an image of a bald eagle and the words “MAKE PUBLIC THE CUOMO ADMINISTRATION FBI INVESTIGATION!”

The poke at Cuomo’s nipples — amid spiraling accusations of sexual misconduct and other inappropriate behavior — stems from a series of photos shot on March 31, 2020, as he doffed a black coat bearing the state seal to reveal a white golf shirt underneath.

The photos also seem to show mysterious protrusions on Cuomo’s upper chest that online commenters suggested were the result of jewelry attached to his nipples.


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