Trinidad & Tobago: T&TEC cancels Tobago transfer for supervisor accused of racism

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is denying reports that a senior supervisor accused of using racist language was being transferred to Tobago.

However, in a contradictory statement, the body assured that an investigation would be launched and that the “transfer” would stop in light of concerns raised.

The commission was responding to an article published in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian on Monday entitled “T&TEC workers protest supervisor’s transfer over race tension”.

The report claimed T&TEC employees in Tobago were outraged over the transfer of a south-based supervisor to the sister isle due to his alleged racist behaviour. They expressed fear that this would fuel long-standing racial tensions and impact the delivery of services to customers. 

The authority said: “It is a normal part of T&TEC’s operations to transfer staff among operating centres to fill existing needs. One such vacancy, for a Senior Supervisor, currently exists in Tobago and must be filled to ensure the island has its full complement of staff to manage technical work. However, in light of concerns expressed by our employees in Tobago, a decision has been taken to reverse the planned transfer, while further enquires are completed internally.”


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