Suriname: Simons: “Domestic violence and violence against women is still too common”

Domestic violence and violence against women still sees former assembly chairman, Jennifer Geerlings-Simons, as issues that require a lot of attention. It is still too common. Where the Surinamese woman stands today with the International Women’s Day, she indicates that it is quite a mixed baskite. There are things that have improved and there are things that need to be addressed further, she tells Suriname Herald.

Surinamese women have good access to education. She makes use of it, but when translated into naming the women in high positions, it is often not the same as the education she received.

Simons further argues that the Maternity Leave Act has been introduced, which forms a basis. Everything for this is not yet in place because it must be further developed.

Simons notes that women have indeed made progress and the position of women has improved over time. However, there are still a number of backlogs and problems.


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