Suriname: President Santokhi: “School campus Para must be a catalyst for development”

The school campus at Hanover in the Para district should generate a spin-off effect to other areas and also act as a catalyst for the development of the district. President Chan Santokhi, for example, looked ahead, before laying the foundation stone for the construction of the residential and school complex yesterday. The head of state said his government has plans for everything. In addition, issues that are at play are also addressed. The project may have been initiated by the previous government, but is now partly funded by the current government.

Cutbacks have released the Treasury and Planning Department of US $ 2 million. The remaining funding comes from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). President Santokhi calls education the catalyst for the development of the country and the instrument for achieving strategic goals. According to him, the educational curriculum must be adapted, especially with a view to oil and gas development.

The start of the school complex must be seen in the context of what we want to make of Suriname and Para, said the president. According to the government leader, the district has a lot of potential in terms of tourism, natural resources and the agricultural sector. He expects a spin-off effect to other districts. The project also includes the renovation of the boarding school for students at Atjoni.


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