Trinidad & Tobago: Republic Bank launches ‘Endcash’ feature

Republic Bank announced the launch of ‘Endcash’, a mobile wallet solution in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Endcash is a new digital payment and social hub that transforms your smartphone into a highly-secured money management tool.  

The product is geared towards both individuals and businesses of all sizes and is accessed through an easy-to-use mobile application.   

Payments can be between individuals, from individuals to businesses and between businesses.  

The bank says it uses state of the art encryption and multiple layers of security to ensure the protection of users’ information and transaction details. 

Speaking on the launch, Republic Bank Executive Director, Derwin Howell, describes the app as a gamechanger for the local financial landscape. 

“The local payment infrastructure needs to evolve.  Going cashless brings significant benefits to users, like speed, security and convenience.  If there is one thing the past year has reinforced for us, it’s that cashless and contactless solutions can improve many aspects of our lives,” he said. 


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