Suriname: AZP staff still in sitdown action

The staff of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) remains in action, because a number of cases have not been carried out by the management of the hospital. This concerns, among other things, the payment of the bonus. The decision to stay in action was taken yesterday during a general meeting. The staff will perform the sitdown action until Monday.

Lloyd Pool, chairman of the General Association of Personnel employed by the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (ABPLAZ), says in conversation with Suriname Herald that the management has invited the union for an interview, but that is only possible on 10 March. The AZP management has also indicated that payment of the bonus cannot take place for the time being because it does not have the resources.

Pool says the union of the Minister of Health, Amar Ramadhin, has understood that he cannot receive them either because he is now in the Upper Suriname area. He has also asked for the action to be suspended, but members decide that. The members have determined that they want a solution to the bottlenecks first, says Pool.

The dismissal of the training manager, continuation of the negotiations, the lifting of the understaffing that prevails in the hospital and payment of the difference in the bonuses for the years 2017 and 2018.


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