NYC: At least seven injured as vehicle plows through outdoor dining area in NYC

At least seven people — including two children — were injured Friday morning in a two-vehicle crash that sent a car careening into an outdoor dining setup in Manhattan, police said.

The chain reaction smash-up occurred just after 8:30 a.m. when a white van hit a black sedan, sending the car hurtling through the dining area at the intersection of East 50th Street and Second Avenue.

The van, which was traveling southbound on Second Avenue, kept going, plowing into a fruit stand, sources said.

Witnesses said the van began barreling into things in between East 51st and 50th streets, before coming to a halt at East 49th Street.

Juan Carlos Quispe, 44, said his brother, who was waiting on East 50th Street and Second Avenue at the time, narrowly missed being mowed down.

“My brother said, ‘Hey Carlos, it’s an accident,’” said Quispe, who was coming from Third Avenue. “When I came, I saw two little kids on the sidewalk. They were scared.


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