Five Questions With Sizzla Kalonji

Making music for the masses is no difficult feat for Sizzla Kalonji. From his emergence on the reggae and dancehall scene in the ‘90s to now, he continues to exceed expectations. The lyrics, “Perseverance for the utmost best should be your preference, skills of trade and talents is your evidence. Help those who far off, teach those in your residence,” from his early-2000 hit Rise to the Occasion perhaps best epitomises his work as a recording artiste and humanitarian.

With a catalogue that transcends that of other artistes of his generation, it may be hard for any supporter to select one song – or even five songs – that stands out. But to what does the well-spoken and reserved lyricist owe his success? “Humility is the key, and in Jamaica, a country, a black nation, filled with proverbs and folklore sayings as well as Psalms and prayers, that’s the basic foundation for anyone being in this position. [For anyone] having the power of administering to the public. All what I asked the Most High for I think I have gotten it. The first thing is love and life, and I got life within me. So, that’s why I say it is best to be humble,” he told The Gleaner.


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