Trinidad & Tobago: Rum, stewed goat, rice, poison: 3 confess to murder

WHEN a meal of stewed goat meat and rice laced with poison did not work out as planned as a means of murdering an allegedly abusive husband, the man was instead beaten over to death with a piece of wood while he asleep.

Today, the three people who admitted to committing the crime, a mother, her daughter and their male friend, were each ordered to serve a little over one year again in prison before they are to be released.

The sentencing took place during a virtual hearing before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas who was to preside over the murder trial against Geewan Pardassie, Ramdaye Ramlal and her daughter Kareen Ramlal.

But the trial did not take place. Instead, all three opted to plead guilty in January to the charge of murdering Anil Jadoo – Kareen Ramlal’s common-law husband in May of 2006.

While Justice St Clair-Douglas said he was of the view the starting point of sentence for such an offence was 24 years’ imprisonment, he noted that the guilty pleas warranted an automatic one-third reduction as set out in the Appeal Court case of Lauren Aguillera and Others against the State.


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