Suriname: EZ services closer to the community

Based on its responsibility to stimulate entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ) has brought services closer to the Nickerian and Coronian community. Between 1 and 3 March, the Guarantee and Calibration Service calibrated weighing instruments and measuring equipment in Nickerie and Coronie.

Entrepreneurs from these districts did not have to travel to Paramaribo to have their measuring equipment calibrated and inspected. They were given the opportunity to do so for three days. In Nickerie and Coronie, the employees of the Guarantee and IJkwezen service have calibrated the equipment at ten pumping stations, EZ reports in a press release.

More than 160 entrepreneurs from supermarkets, bakeries and butchers have registered at the branch of EZ in Nickerie on the Idsingaweg to calibrate and inspect the measuring instruments. Three weighbridges have also been inspected.

The inspection period for weighing instruments and measuring equipment will be continued in the coming period. Entrepreneurs are reminded that they must present their weighing instruments in good time for re-inspection. If one does not have an approved measuring device in trade, this results in an economic offense, reports EZ.


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