Dominican Republic: National Police director assures that they will be “better policemen”

The National Police celebrated yesterday, with various activities throughout the country, the 85th anniversary of its foundation, the main one being a mass in the Primada de América Cathedral, which the police force’s leading authorities attended.

The mass was officiated by the Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Monsignor Francisco Ozoria.

At the end of the mass, the director-general of the National Police, Edward Sánchez González, expressed his optimism about the future of the police force, after indicating that in the institution, “we want to be better policemen and we are going to be better policemen.”

He explained that they are getting closer to this goal “thanks to the work of President Abinader, to turn it into an increasingly professional and prepared institution, through agreements with educational institutions for the training of officers, events which he defined as historic.”

On the other hand, in a statement posted on its website, referring to the health crisis facing the country, the police force points out that in the Police, in the face of “this pandemic situation which has cost the health and lives of thousands of people in the country…we always maintain our disposition to preserve public order and collective health, enforcing the curfew to save lives.”

Anti-crime plan
Sanchez also announced the implementation of local diagnostics to combat crime.

“We are working on local surveys, it is ready, it is a historic and very innovative plan, it will apply local diagnoses, not a plan of a national application, but based on the characteristics of each locality,” said the director.


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