Barbados: DLP: Tourism focus alone not enough

The lack of an economic stimulus is the reason why the Government continues to rely heavily on the traditional money-earner, tourism, the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) spokesman on small business has declared.

Speaking on the DLP’s Sunday Roast live stream on Sunday evening, DLP Vice President Ryan Walters, said: “The challenge we have is that the Government has not been able to implement anything in terms of stimulus in this country. You would have heard the private sector head again this week calling for a stimulus in the economy. On April 29, 2020 stimulus was announced but those measures failed.”

Walters said that since last year a number of projects aimed at stimulating the economy were mentioned but to date none was forthcoming.

“During the throne speech hours of stimulus and those failed. We have no account for what was said would have been done. There is no reporting to success, implementation of these plans Government is putting in place with the notion that we would not have our tourism product to its fullest potential,” the DLP vice president declared.


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