Trinidad & Tobago: Four shot in Johnstone Street attack

FOUR people were shot in San Fernando on Monday night.

Police were told that the shooter was a man who pulled up in his car at the home of a female vendor and requested a CD, then opened fire on her and three men.

The incident occurred at Johnstone Street and the four were hospitalised in serious condition.

A police report identified the victims as Sherene Khan, 39, of Johnstone Street, Adrian Calliste, 37, of Partap Trace, South Oropouche, Kareem Wilson, 25, of Fonrose Street, and Dillon Thompson, 39, of Santa Flora.

Khan was grazed on the right arm by a bullet.

Caliiste and Wilson were each shot to the left leg, and Wilson to the abdomen.

A police report said that at around 7.30 p.m. the four victims were all at Khan’s home when a heavily tinted white Hyundai Elantra registration number unknown pulled up.

The driver requested a dance hall CD of Khan.

Moments later, the driver pulled out a firearm and discharged several rounds at the victims.


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