Suriname: Civilians don’t know anything about Flying Brigade for price controls yet

After president Chan Santokhi announced the arrival of a Flying Brigade as of March 1, to control prices in the shops, Suriname Herald took a look at some shops in the Latour resort. The brigade is a fact from last Thursday, but active from yesterday.

There are no visible price reductions yet. Although Parbo has temporarily adjusted the price of a large can of beer from SRD 22 to SRD 20, there are shops in the Latour resort that still use SRD 22. At some stores, the consumer has to pay SRD 0.50 cents more if the beer is chilled.

Ms. DV says she hasn’t noticed any price cuts yet. “Madam, I urge you. The prices are killer. Wi e wroko now gi un ‘strafu. Instead of the Flying Brigade we see flying prizes, ”says a displeased DV

At the next store we meet a father who has just done some shopping. “Ef ‘na dis’ Chan be mean nanga w’o set’ and then mek ‘un lib’ en so.”

Many civilians appear to be unaware of the price controls by the Flying Brigade. Others await results before responding.


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