Stuck in a productivity rut? Try incorporating acts of service into your routine

This new pandemic reality has done a number on the workforce’s productivity levels. For example, while some may find themselves working longer hours and achieving more goals than ever before, others may be struggling with burnout and losing their productive edge. If you can answer “yes” to being stuck in a state of low motivation and feeling slammed by a productivity wall—then the answer is probably you’re setting your sights on the wrong North Star, yourself. While being self-motivated and having personal growth goals is a key quality to achieving success in the work world, chances are if your drive is waning, it’s because your personal goals are no longer cutting it. Therefore, it may be time to set your sights and motivation on something—or somone else. In other words, when it comes to productivity, it’s not about you, it’s about “who.”

The first step of this is realizing your purpose is much bigger than yourself and recognizing that the big difference your individual hard work can have on changing others’ lives. The earlier you can unlock that driving motivation, the better. Making an impact on others can greatly affect your productivity; here are some tips to get you started.


Think about this specific scenario for a moment: If you doubled or tripled your income, who are the three people that you could immediately change the lives of starting tomorrow?


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