Dominican Republic: New curfew schedule would increase employment levels in Dominican Republic

The new curfew schedule announced by the Dominican authorities would cause the reactivation of jobs in the sector of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), especially those engaged in the sale of beverages and food.

“I think it is essential because it makes the opening of businesses a little more flexible, although we must follow a rigorous protocol in order not to go backward,” said the businessman.

The representative of Asoconde, an entity that groups 70 businesses, said that many establishments that did not have the facility to have Delivery services were forced to close their doors amid the pandemic.

“I understand that we must maintain the protocols and more so now that the vaccination is starting because it is always important to maintain the care and protection because if we go back, it is a tremendous problem that we would have,” he said.

On his side, Antonio Cruz Rojas, president of the National Council of Traders and Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic (CONACERD), said that the new measures are the starting point for the MSMEs to reactivate their sales and to be able to generate a more significant number of jobs.

The head of CONACERD indicates that this new touch schedule will allow MSMEs to meet better their financial commitments made in the past.


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