Bahamas: GOLDEN LINING: Tourism minister notes high-end tourist market thriving despite pandemic

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said today that despite the impact of the pandemic on global tourism and travel, this nation continues to see strong gains in the very high-end tourism segment.

Speaking with reporters ahead of a Cabinet meeting, D’Aguilar said: “In the very high-end niche market, the private aviation and yacht business are doing very well. We have found that The Bahamas is becoming very attractive to high-end travelers.”

D’Aguilar noted that boaters traveling to and through The Bahamas are able to do so seamlessly when compared to the restrictions in other parts of the Caribbean.

The Ministry of Finance has announced that it has concluded an agreement with the OMNI Financial Group and the Association of Bahamas Marinas (OMNI/ABM) to launch a digital payment solution for the collection of charter fees from mega yachts and other charter operators in The Bahamas.


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