Suriname: Ramautarsing: “Government will sooner or later have to let go of the course”

Sooner or later, the government will have to let go. That says the chairman of the Association of Economists in Suriname (VES), Winston Ramautarsing, in conversation with Suriname Herald. According to him, the market should determine its own course and not a few men with coats and ties on the Waterkant.

“We supposedly unified in September 2020 to 2:29 PM. We have warned as VES: let go of that course. No go rommel nanga 14.29, let that market determine its own course and that would be under 19, we said at the time. The man am freed and now we are more than four months later and we have achieved nothing. The people have only gotten poorer and poorer. So called yu e yep a people, while you make it more difficult for them, ”says Ramautarsing.

Value of Surinamese currency
If the government does not want to listen to the local economists, they will be forced to listen to the international economists. “Our economy is down. Un the after problem. That is to say te u no ab moni u no can go pley real man. We are begging in the world and they are not crazy. They are not just going to put their money into something. You will have to organize the economy and you cannot do that with an artificial course that is put together by a few men in nice suits on the Waterkant. Supply and demand will determine the value of our currency, ”said the VES chairman.


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