St. Vincent & Grenadines: Union rejects public’s suggestion of salary cut for teachers

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) has rejected what it says are suggestions by some members of the public that teachers’ salaries be cut because they are not in the classroom.

Teachers in SVG have, largely, been engaging students in classes online, and SVGTU President, Oswald Robinson, told a press conference on Friday, that this is more taxing and expensive for teachers.

“I am hearing in, the public, people speaking about some teachers not teaching and cut their salary and these sorts of things. We need to understand that teachers are part of the society,” Robinson said.

“And not because you are a teacher, that does not mean that you have high-speed internet. There are some teachers who are operating on a $50 internet per month.  That’s what they can afford,” he said.

Robinson’s comments came as he outlined some of the challenges that teachers face in delivering their lessons online.


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