SLM wants to return Boeing 777 to Boeing

The SLM wants to return the aircraft that is being leased, the Boeing 777-200ER, to Boeing. The Surinamese Airline (SLM) announced this to its staff in an internal newsletter.

It was only two months ago that the 777 was finally used commercially between Paramaribo and Amsterdam after a long delay. Since the beginning of this month, however, the device has already been out of circulation due to ‘technical maintenance’. It is parked at Schiphol Airport, reports the news site .

In an internal newsletter, the SLM reports:
The technical maintenance has shown that in the worst case, a large cost item for repair and possibly even having to replace one of the engines must be taken into account.

This fact has led the management and other actors within Surinam Airways to take the decision to use the early return of the B777 to Boeing.

A few things were discussed with Boeing yesterday and Surinam Airways expects further discussions on handling or possible other options. The aim is, by consensus with Boeing, to fly the aircraft within the next week to a location yet to be determined by Boeing.


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