Jamaica: Anger at toll system after wounded cop denied emergency access

There is growing outrage at the operators of the East-West leg of Highway 2000 after a policeman who was stabbed some 14 times in an encounter with a gunman near the May Pen toll plaza was reportedly denied emergency access to turn back to get to the May Pen Hospital on Saturday.

The injured cop, who remains hospitalised in stable condition, had to resort to hitting down toll barriers with his vehicle in an attempt to save his life.

I should be noted that the policeman, in seeking to head to nearby May Pen Hospital, would have been on the wrong side of the highway for going in that direction.

He was reportedly told by a toll clerk that he could not be allowed passage as desired unless a supervisor gave permission for him to do so.

Several police officers, as well as members of the public, have expressed outrage at the stance that was taken, which they contended could have resulted in the death of the police constable who was bleeding profusely.


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