Suriname: Santokhi: “A new NV is established”

New Surfin NV was never actually founded, president Chan Santokhi just said in the National Assembly (DNA). There will be a new investment company, which will be established according to current procedures, the head of state said. The government is in agreement on this.

According to the president, incorrect information has been spread about New Surfin NV. Furthermore, Santokhi said that there are many racist remarks being made and that they will not be accepted. He noted that a Hindustani and Maroon work closely together, referring to himself and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, to develop the country.

The president also referred to the coalition, which consists of different population groups and which develop the country with respect for each other.

President Santokhi called on parliament to condemn the behavior that leads to hatred. “As a government, we are going to do everything to strengthen unity.”

Vice President Ronnie Bunswijk also spoke. He speaks of a close unity and that the government is aligned. There has been a lot of noise about New Surfin NV.


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