Santa Monica is testing the first zero-emissions delivery zone

When someone in downtown Santa Monica now gets a delivery, there’s a good chance that it will now show up on an electric delivery truck—or an electric scooter, or a battery-powered robot, or an electric cargo bike. The city is now testing a first-of-a-kind, one-square-mile electric vehicle delivery zone, which will prioritize vehicles that won’t pollute the neighborhood.

Along the curb on some of the most congested streets, up to twenty spots will be designated as zero-emission vehicle loading zones. More than a dozen companies are participating in the pilot, including Ikea, which has broader plans to move to 100% electric home deliveries globally by 2025.

“This really aligns with a lot of the priorities that the city has been focused on in terms of our climate goals,” says Ariana Vito, sustainability analyst at the City of Santa Monica. The city partnered with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator on the pilot. “We released an EV action plan a few years ago, basically recognizing that if we want to have significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions we need to work on increasing access to electric vehicles.”


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