Trinidad & Tobago: WASA staff levels ‘unacceptably high’

The Water and Sewerage Au­thority (WASA) staff is bloated at both ends—at the management and worker le­vels.

The report of the Cabinet subcommittee mandated to review the country’s water pro­vider says “when compared to the regional benchmark of eight employees per 1,000 connections, WASA’s staff per connection ratio of 13 employees per 1,000 is unacceptably high”.

This, the report added, has resulted in “high duplication and redundancy in business operations. The organisation also suffers from inefficiencies…at all levels, including at the executive management level.”

WASA has 426 mana­gers and a workforce of 4,803 workers.

Many of its executives received bonuses every year, notwithstanding the apparent lack of performance.

In Barbados and Jamaica, in similar organisations, the executive management com­prises about eight to ten people.


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