Suriname: Sabajo: “Government must inform DNA about donation construction school complex Marowijne”

NDP parliamentarian Claudie Sabajo is requesting the government to provide society and the National Assembly (DNA) with all relevant documentation about the construction of the secondary school complex in the Marowijne district. She immediately adds that transparency (read: control) should not be regarded as an act of enmity, but non-transparency should.

She explains that with great fanfare the first stone was laid for the secondary school complex in the Marowijne district on 20 February. Right through the cheers of the local population and the authorities, it is noticeable that there is a catch. Minister Marie Levens of Education, Science and Culture, for example, has indicated that the first phase of six classrooms will be built by a local entrepreneur free of charge as a gift to the Marowijne community.

According to the minister, this was decided when it turned out that due to a lot of paperwork the financing by the Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) will take a while and that through the intervention of Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk a different option has been chosen. Sabajo says that the minister has also indicated that financing from international organizations such as the ISDB, the World Bank and other financial institutions has procedures that naturally affect the duration of the granting of loans.


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