NYC: Bronx home invasion robbers held men captive, tortured them for hours: cops

A pair of robbers posing as plumbers took two men hostage and tortured them for hours in a Bronx apartment before fleeing with a cell phone and $2,000, police said Thursday.

A 28-year-old man was inside his apartment at East 227th Street and Barnes Avenue with a 35-year-old pal around 3 p.m. when two men knocked on the door claiming they were there to fix the plumbing, police said. 

They entered the apartment, flashed a gun, tied up both men and demanded money, cops said. 

The duo stayed in the apartment overnight and assaulted both of the victims — at one point using a hot clothing iron on the younger victim’s back, causing burns, police said. 

By around 6:40 a.m. the next day — as the suspects slept — the younger man managed to free himself, leave the apartment and call the cops, police said. 

When police arrived, the suspects and the older victim were no longer at the home, cops said. 


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