Jamaica: Man dies after walking into A&E following gun attack

Twenty-six-year old Junior Dwight Bryce walked into the Accident and Emergency Department at The University Hospital of the West Indies yesterday morning shortly after being shot outside the St Andrew-based medical facility.

He died while undergoing treatment.

Bryce’s mother, Sharon Johnson, told The Gleaner that she heard when unknown assailants attacked her son minutes before 7 a.m.

“I wasn’t at the scene. I was at home getting ready to come out to go to work. I heard the shot dem, and when I came out, I heard it was him. They said he walked go over the hospital, and I don’t hear anything else,” Johnson said.

Bryce was reportedly shot in the chest, back, and hand.

A porter who assisted Bryce to the theatre told The Gleaner that he had expected him to pull through.

“I was shocked when I came back and they told me he had died. He walked [briskly] from out there to the A&E entrance, and I actually thought he would make it. The doctors did everything they could,” he said.


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