Dominican Republic: Dominican water sector will be modernized with the use of technology

Santo Domingo, DR

Bringing modernization to the water supply system is the mission that the head of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD), Felipe (Fellito) Suberví, seeks to achieve his tenure in the state entity.

To change the current reality of only offering estimates instead of precise data on the provision of the water service in the jurisdiction of the institution, which covers Santo Domingo north, east, west, and the National District, Suberví revealed that he is working on a project that will allow automated control of the water flow.

Are moving forward

Although the project, which he described as modern, will begin to develop next year, he assured that they are already making progress in the planning process.

“We want to bring the institution to modernity, and now we are putting together the doll,” he said.

Suberví specified that the plan consists of the macro measurement of the largest outlet pipes of the various aqueducts that provide water to the capital and the provinces and then continue with the micro measurement in the sectors.


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