Barbados: AOPT in appeal for help, slams Govt over COVID relief

With just over 3,000 public service vehicle and taxi operators not having consistent jobs for months, members of the Alliance Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) on Wednesday accused Government of turning a blind eye to their pleas for relief.

AOPT Chairman Roy Raphael said there was currently a lot of uncertainty within the industry, with many members being disappointed in the way the Mottley administration has handled the COVID-19 crisis for PSV operators.

Raphael said: “We would have made an appeal to the Ministry of Commerce on their behalf, to this day we have not heard anything. We have sent in close to almost 50 names to our Ministry of Commerce for assistance – the Ministry has offered nothing to the PSV sector, [but] we are still open to discussion.

“We want to have a discussion – talking to our partners a couple of days ago in the Caribbean, the Caribbean governments are moving to give subsidies and assistance to their public service vehicle operators in the Caribbean, and I believe this Government needs to do likewise. Having 3,000 operators off the road [and] not working, it really creates a challenge.


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