Suriname: DNA member Etnel: “Government must start with COVID support”

Parliamentarian Patricia Etnel (NPS) believes that despite the country’s poor economic situation, the government should start providing the COVID support. “There must be more rise, we have promised people that they will receive support, then it must happen. The promises must be kept, ”she says.

According to Etnel, the aid has not been paid out since this government took office. The politician further notes that more spending should come from the COVID-19 fund. The government needs to find out how we can get out of this situation. Especially small entrepreneurs, who have to start earning again, she says. “The situation we are in is causing a lot of frustration and I therefore continue to call on the government to pay out the aid.”

The NPS parliamentarian also indicates that the freedom of citizens has been jeopardized by the state of emergency. “With the exceptional situation you get the freedom of movement of people. It is a fundamental right and not just any fundamental right, because people need it to feel good when you have freedom of movement. ”

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for a year and should not be underestimated, says Etnel. People can no longer use the lockdown. The lockdown times must be viewed and there should no longer be a total lockdown. “What the government should do is increase education,” said the assembly member.


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