Song from Jamaican artiste used in ‘No Time to Die’ – Teacha Dee’s ‘Rastafari Way’ gets called up for James Bond movie

Total disbelief was the reaction from Jamaican reggae artiste Damion Darrel Warren, best known as ‘Teacha Dee’, when he was advised that his song, Rastafari Way, had been chosen for use in the new James Bond flick, No Time to DieRastafari Way was part of a 2016 compilation project by Giddimani Productions, owned and operated by reggae producer and Handcart Boy singer Perfect Giddimani.

“It was a shock, and, honestly, in the first instance, when I got the email from the company called Search Party, I did not believe it,” Teacha Dee, who resides in Germany, told The Gleaner. “But afterwards, I did some research on the placement company and then I called Perfect Giddimani. When I realised that it was real, I didn’t speak for about nine hours,” he recalled.

Both Teacha Dee and Perfect Giddimani relate the story of several emails between them and the New York-based Search Party – a company which matches songs with scenes in movies – until finally MGM stepped in to wrap up the deal.

“I signed the licence deal for Rastafari Way last year. It is one of the songs on my Horns of Africa various artiste project, and it is also on Teacha Dee’s 2018 album. It feels like I have been rewarded for good work, and the fact is that this song wasn’t a huge seller. Rastafari Way is a timeless, beautiful song and for that reason, I am not surprised that the producers chose it to be a part of No Time to Die,” Perfect Giddimani told The Gleaner.


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