UK: Dating apps scam committed by criminal from inside prison

“It’s one of the easiest ways to get money to be honest. If you’ve got a girl and she works and she’s into you, why not ask her to send over money? Lawyers are the best obviously.”

Jamie – not his real name – is in his early 20s .

For the last few years he made money by scamming women, usually those a lot older than him, who were looking for love.

He did this while in prison for an unrelated crime, using an illegal mobile phone he had hidden.

He was recently released and spoke to the BBC’s File on 4 programme.

He says he will not commit the fraud again, and wants to make amends by exposing some of his tactics to serve as a warning to others.

‘It was work’

“It was a last resort kind of thing, I just saw how easy it was,” Jamie says.

“The most I ever got from a girl was £10,000… every week she was sending me £100, £200.


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