Suriname: Sampie: “No legal basis to relinquish double function”

Assembly member Edgar Sampie (ABOP) also receives a monthly salary from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation. In conversation with Suriname Herald, he says that there is no legal basis forcing him to relinquish this second position. He is an administrative assistant in this department.

“I want to hand in that position, but the legal basis that should force me to put the other position aside is not there. When the time comes that we have to work in DNA on the legal basis for these cases, I want to make my contribution. Let’s start working on that law, the legal basis that needs to be established and then that position will be given up, ”he says.

What is especially important for the assembly member is that he must be able to return to his old position after his DNA membership because, according to him, there is no pension scheme for representatives of the people. Clear agreements must be made about this. “If I get a DNA pension, then I don’t have to because as an assembly member I don’t want to sit at home without a salary,” says Sampie.


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