Suriname: NVB buses refuse to run

The buses of the National Transport Company (NVB) will stay in the garages tomorrow. They are forced to take this step, because the fuel price is much higher than the subsidy that bus owners receive from the government. “We have no more money to advance the government. We have not yet received in January and now February is ending. We did receive about December and it is still the old amount, ”says the vice-chairman of the Organization of Bushouders in Suriname (OBS), Iwan Woon.

According to the chairman, the adjustment of the rates had to take place long ago. Letters have been written and proposals to increase the subsidy will be available from November. According to Woon, an agreement was reached with NVB in November 2020 for the increase of rates, but nothing is being done about it.

A bus driver who maintains a route from Paramaribo to Billiton vice versa has to refuel SRD 120 daily. “We are suffering from losses, the maintenance costs are also higher. We can’t continue like this, ”says Woon.

Also the bus keepers who transport the nursing staff of the various hospitals will no longer drive from tomorrow. They indicate that they no longer have the means to refuel the buses and at the Ministry of Public Works where the buses are refueled, there is no fuel for the bus owners


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