Jamaica: Maroon chief hits back at quasi-sovereign label

Newly elected Chief Richard Currie is rejecting the depiction of his Accompong Town enclave as a quasi-sovereign state, saying that it helps drive the misconception of who the Maroons are and what they represent.

Pointing to the usage of the term in a Gleaner story published yesterday, Currie said that the word ‘quasi’ – which means supposedly – could seem like an attempt to undermine the indigenous status of the Maroon people.

“Entangled in this duality is that people feel that we fall under the Jamaican jurisdiction, but that’s not what a treaty does. So anyone who keeps coming back to me with these terms, I challenge them to that for their lack of knowledge and understanding of treaties between sovereign nations,” he contended yesterday.

But historian Shalman Scott has hit back, saying that Accompong Town was indeed a wannabe state, adding that unless it has its own constitution, own police force and judiciary, among other things, it is a quasi-sovereign state.


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