Trinidad & Tobago: Prison officer arrested for smuggling contraband for relative

A 31-year-old prison officer with over seven years of service was held attempting to smuggle marijuana into the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca. 

The officer, who had been under surveillance for some time, told his colleagues that he was leaving to purchase food at 7.15 pm. 

He returned five minutes later with a bowl of food and a 1.5-litre bottle. 

A decision was made to search the officer upon entrance and the food and drink were passed through the scanner. In the bowl, officers observed four packets of marijuana. The drugs were found to have a weight of 1.17 kilogrammes. 

As a result, the officer was detained and the police were immediately notified. 

The bottle was also checked and it was found to be alcohol. 

The officer, who was under surveillance for some time, when questioned, named a prisoner whom he said is his relative and that they came from the same area. 


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