Suriname: Parliamentarians walk the streets with the police during lockdown

The parliamentary COVID-19 committee oriented itself in the field during the lockdown hours on Saturday evening to witness for itself the compliance with the COVID measures. They also wanted to see for themselves if the police control system is working properly. Dispensations have recently been checked via a digital system. This system checks whether persons on the street have permission to do so.

The inspection took place at the GoW2 pumping station on the van het Hogerhuysstraat. The committee headed by the chairman of the National Assembly (DNA), Marinus Bee, and other members of both the coalition and the opposition are not dissatisfied with the way in which matters are conducted by the Suriname Police Corps.

“I invited the parliamentary committee to witness the enforcement. It is good that they also experience how the enforcement works in practice, ”said Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police. During the field orientation with the parliamentary committee, the minister’s data was also checked via the digital system.


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