Bahamas: Expect more digital ads, says PLP

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will utilize significant resources to campaign digitally for the upcoming General Election, said PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell yesterday.

Mitchell’s comments come as the party’s digital ads become more visible across multiple social media platforms.

One such ad, a video of PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis talking about his life and his political platform, has been widely seen on Youtube.

Mitchell insisted that the ads are to combat what he described as “the nastiest, most degrading campaign” in Bahamian history.

“In this situation, it seems to be fire must be fought with fire and that is optimality to use. The nastiness which has come from the Free National Movement (FNM) needs to be counteracted,” he said.

“Particularly in the age of COVID, people are relying more and more on that digital media for their information. So, I think the party has decided…to match the resources put into that area.”


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