Jamaica: Opposition calls for transparency on JAMCOVID breach

The Opposition is calling for transparency from the government surrounding the security breach associated with the JAMCOVID-19 application.

The application, developed by the Amber Group, allows users to enter personal data, including medical records, before they are given approval to enter the country.   

The application is also used to track the movement of those placed in quarantine.  

It was reported that more than 70,000 negative COVID-19 lab results, over 425,000 immigration documents – including identity and passport information – and more than 250,000 quarantine orders dating back to June 2020 were at risk.  

Opposition Spokesperson on Science, Technology and Commerce, Hugh Graham, says the Government and the Amber Group need to clear the air surrounding the JAMCOVID app quickly and with honesty and transparency.

Earlier this week oversees investigative reporters broke news that the data of nearly half a million people were left unprotected and was only rectified after direct contact was made with the contractors, the Amber Group of Companies.


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