Jamaica: JABS AND JOBS – Vaccination, construction to lead economic revival

The Government has crafted a lean Budget for the upcoming fiscal year, focusing on an ambitious vaccination programme and jobs as linchpins to spark economic recovery.

Both the recurrent and capital budgets are flat year on year, but the Government plans to introduce a $60-billion programme it dubs ‘Serve Jamaica’, aimed at facilitating the vaccination of the majority of Jamaicans, financed mainly through a $33-billion dividend from the Bank of Jamaica, according to Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke in his presentation to Parliament on Thursday.

The second element of Serve Jamaica involves the continuation of a series of construction and agricultural projects aimed at employing Jamaicans.

“It will create thousands of jobs,” said Clarke in a quick response to a Gleaner query after his presentation.

“I will speak more on it at a later date.”

Clarke stated in Parliament that the Government would seek to procure vaccinations for two million Jamaicans in double- or single-dose portions, dependent on the type of drug.


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