These are the instances to go over 1 page with your résumé

The one-page résumé has long been considered the optimal approach for selling yourself in the modern job market. It’s normally enough to provide recruiters with sufficient information to prove your suitability, and it’s short enough to hold their attention when they are sifting through hundreds of applications. But are there any occasions when a one-page résumé just isn’t enough?

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you may have a strong case for straying on to that second page.


If you have worked in your field for years and gained extensive knowledge and expertise, you may struggle to squeeze it all on to one page amidst all of your education, achievements, and skills.

So, in some cases it may be perfectly acceptable to stretch your work experience section over two pages. While you could attempt to squeeze all of your previous roles onto a single page, you may find that does not leave you with enough space to truly demonstrate your contribution and impact.


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