The best internet memes about Ted Cruz fleeing Texas for Cancun

It’s never a good sign when a Senator uses the shrug emoji in a tweet about dropping the ball in a disaster.

Yet this clumsy attempt at a mea culpa from Texas’s chief culture warrior, Ted Cruz, proved merely an amuse bouche for the hearty meal of his botched response to the power blackouts in his state this week.

Fresh off telling Texans to “stay home” earlier in the week, Cruz has apparently fled Texas for the tropical confines of Cancun.

It’s not the senator’s first run in with hypocrisy during this crisis. Internet denizens with long memories reaching all the way back to summer 2020 resurfaced some of Cruz’s tweets mocking California politicians for allowing power outages to happen on their watch. Later, journalist Katy Tur asked Cruz to reconcile his recent request for federal aid after voting against relief for blue-state Hurricane Sandy victims in 2012, which flummoxed the Senator, who does not seem particularly accustomed to defending his positions.

Once the news of Cruz’s rumored Mexican jaunt broke out on Wednesday night, Twitter exploded with a combination of scorn and schadenfreude-y glee.


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