Suriname: Arrested five suspects on suspicion of multiple theft

Members of the Paramaribo Investigation Department arrested five suspects yesterday at an address in the resort of Uitvlugt. They are suspected of being guilty of theft by violence at various locations.

The address was sent to trace the suspected MS. However, MS was not found on the spot, but a group of five men, including the 22-year-old main occupant. The four other suspects arrested are JR (24), JL (22), TS and MJ, both 19 years old.

In the house, a number of goods, of which the five men could not explain the origin, were found and confiscated. It concerns a gas rifle in the shape of an Uzi with holder, two television sets, a DVD player, alcoholic drinks, two cardboard boxes with ladies’ jewelry, a circular saw, a black shoulder bag and a gray mobile phone.

After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, all five suspects were arrested. Work is in progress on the arrest of MS.


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