Bahamas: SPECIAL VOTING: Storm victims “ought to be” allowed, says Henfield

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — North Abaco MP Darren Henfield said he believes Hurricane Dorian victims who were displaced should be allowed to choose to vote in the areas where they resided before the record storm “interrupted their lives”.

“Of course a national disaster like Dorian displaced people, interrupted their lives, really interrupted our lives, and so, if they wanted to be able to vote where they are normally domiciled — but for Dorian, they would be at home — they ought to be able to if they wanted to do that,” Henfield said.

“It would also be good if they wanted to exercise their rights to [vote] in the island where they are.”

Last week, Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie, who also serves as chair of the Constituencies Commission, told Eyewitness News the commission will make a determination as early as this week on whether the commission will recommend allowing displaced storm victims to choose to vote in the area of where they permanently resided in the next general election.

Moultrie indicated that would be the “preferred situation”.


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